Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter and....

I am feeling a bit better than last night. Last night was crazy. I don't know what happened. Overwhelmed. Stressed. Sad. Sleepy from the meds..... etc, etc, etc.....

Today, at this moment, I do feel better. I hope that as the day wears on me, I just roll with it, which is more my style than the other but sometimes a girl has got to cry. It is almost like girl law or something.

Soooooo today is about purging my house which symbolises purging myself.

The kids are doing well. They are just enjoying being home with me. Even H saw some things this time that have him a bit upset and thinking that his dad is inappropriate and that he puts his relationship first before their feelings. Asshole!!! He is soooo going to alienate those kids and I hate it for them all. Even him because he may not realize it now but some day he might. I can only hope that it isn't too late.

So we are enjoying the outside right now and playing with our puppy..... and wishing you all a HAPPY EASTER or if you don't celebrate it, just another great Sunday!


Builder Mama said...

I hope you guys had a great Easter!

Interesting about the Ex and how the kids are reacting to his relationship with the girlfriend. Of course, K and H are getting to the age where they are way more aware of the interpersonal dynamics between all of them. It's just sad when the new squeeze ends up being the priority instead of the kids.

Margaret said...

Don't make me go kick some ass. Cause I will.

Or at least I will take care of puppy while you go kick some ass.

OR - Mark can take care of puppy... (heee hee heee, him with two dogs!!!!) and you and I can go kick some ass.

OR - we can just go drink margaritas!

Anonymous said...

you donw gud round me!