Thursday, March 20, 2008

Stuff, stuff and more stuff

Not sure what to lead off with here.... I miss the kids, I know at least one is missing home a lot! She text messages or calls me DAILY!!!!! Last night was "Help me, I can't take this. I want to come home." It is like a cry for help that I can't answer. On one hand I don't feel bad at all!!!! But the other.... well damn my baby is sad and I want to fix it. Truth be told I want to fix everyone.

Also, I'm on a new med to help me sleep and BOY does it make me sleep..... well actually not so much sleep as it makes me SLEEPY!!! ALL DAY!!! and dizzy too. Ack! So now I am on two meds and still not feeling "fixed".... My electric shock therapy is my next step. Okay maybe not.....

The puppy is doing GREAT! Okay so he is a baby and is a spoiled, rotten brat!!!! But he is smart. Knows most of the basic commands, except the one about not biting me! Overall a good boy and so much fun.

Good stuff at work. I love my job though this week I have been off because of the meds. But, I just had my yearly review and it was GREAT! I got a nice little raise. Got my contractor service bridged for my benefits. It doesn't change my service date but just for how much vacation I get, sick leave and gets me a year closer to retirement! I guess that's about it from me......

There is probably more but my brain has stopped working. I guess the two meds have met and it is time for sleeping. :)

Because Margaret asked!!!! Here are some puppy pics.


Margaret said...

can you PLEASE post pictures of the puppy???? PLEASE??!?!

and am i warped to say that I LOVE puppy nibble bites???


TxGambit said...


Better yet! Come see him!!!!!

Okay you twisted my arm I will post some.

I don't mind the nibbles but I do mind the shark like bites he gives. And being part boxer, he uses his front paws a lot too! Ouch!

trappedintime said...

I think he likes the new food.

Sizzle said...

That puppy is seriously cute.

Margaret said...

I also love that puppies will be playing and running and jumping and then all of a sudden decide "Hey, I'm tired" and just lay down right then and there and sleep.

AAARRRGGGHHHH...he is a flippin cutie!!! I love his eyes!!!

Builder Mama said...

I love how he's sleeping with his legs sort of crossed! Cute!

Congrats on your evaluation! I'm so happy you found this job, it sounds well-suited for you.

Stephanie, Mama Dramatist said...

Hey, when you wake up with the meds, lemme know when the kids will be home and when I can come over with Bethany and meet the new puppy-person!