Monday, June 18, 2007


I have been avoiding talking about this. Like if I didn't, it wouldn't be true.

Dale Jr is going to race for Hendrick racing for the 2008 season. WHAT? I mean, I am sooooo glad he will be racing but that never really seemed in question. It was more of a question of where and will Bud still be his sponsor? And what will his car # be? I mean HE is #8! Hendrick is an amazing race team! Gordon, Johnson.... Two of the big dogs, ya know?

But Hendrick is a rival to DEI. I have never been a fan of Gordon or Johnson. Never. I cannot see that I will be when Jr is a teammate to them either. I will be a Jr fan and only his fan. Okay him and Tony Stewart, I mean, hello.... Tony Stewart!

There are a few others I like but Dale Jr and Tony are my faves.

Anyway, I am still in a little shock but overall happy that he will be racing in 2008 and for a great team. Just wish it was Childress or Joe Gibbs Racing..... I don't know.... Anywhere but Hendrick! :)


Jenny said...

Can we talk about shoes now?

Kidding. (A little.)

TxGambit said...

Hey I can talk shoes too!

Amber said...

Three words: Jimmy. Johnson. YUM!


lincldad said...

Just a little longer til football.

TxGambit said...


Ummm... Good for you. I can't agree. :)


Hey I like football... not as much but I like it.