Sunday, June 17, 2007

Sour and Sweet - An Analogy about Men

This is a little gem from Mama Drama Con Queso yesterday! We were talking about men (Kyla, Jenny and I), comparing stories of the sweet and sour things they do. I think it was Jenny that said something like they can be sweet one minute and rotten the next. We agreed and I said, kinda like Sour Patch Kids, huh?

And the analogy was born. However, upon further reflection of the "First they're sour and then they're sweet".... I really think in the case of men it is sweet first.... because hello they want to get "in", ya know? And, then they turn sour. (and really, women, admit it we are the same.)

Anyway, if you aren't familiar, please follow the link to the Sour Patch Kids website. There you can view two of the commercials and it will help explain the whole "First they're sour and then they're sweet" analogy.... :)

Now I have a craving for Sour Patch Kids.


Julie Pippert said...

Hey it was great to meet you...I would never have guessed you were a wallflower. You made a great lunch neighbor. :)

min said...

Sweet first then sour...then rotten! Father's day was bad. I hope yours didn't drown any of the kids. We really do need to talk!

Kyla said...

Hahaha! Don't give in to the Sour Patch craving. I ate an entire bag on Saturday (with some help from BubTar) and my mouth is still raw today. The good news is I am no longer craving Sour Patch Kids.