Friday, June 22, 2007

What makes a man sexy?

We all know the usual things that we think of. Some guy totally cut in all the right places. Tall, dark and handsome. Maybe standing topless in tight jeans, posed doing something masculine, ya know what I mean?

Women, we know, those things are great but tell me this isn't even more sexy. A man that is a loving father. Is gentle and sweet. Respectful to you, children and even animals. Cooks, cleans, asks you about you. Makes you laugh, makes you roll your eyes every once in a while (at his goofiness). Opens a door for you. But, isn't so sensitive that it is sickening and is willing to kill bugs for you.

Now ladies, tell me that ain't sexy is hell!

I knew you would agree.


g-man said...

That is what makes my wife one lucky woman!!!

Margaret said...

Definitely even sexier if they take the trash out.