Friday, June 01, 2007

PPD Happens

I wanted to spotlight this blog! My friend Jen started it. It was kinda of a evolved thing from a discussion on the message board we both belong to and something I said. And I love her for doing this. Okay I loved her before because she just truly rocks! But, she started this to help women share their stories with PPD and PPP.

This is serious folks. Its real and its not just "baby blues." (Tom Cruise can kiss my ass!) But, there are varying degrees of it from PPD to PPP....

Please, please check out the blog and then send her your stories or experiences with it!

This will also be on the side bar so you can always find it! Pass it on. Tell everyone. Link to it!

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guygm said...

Hi TxGambit:

Thanks for visiting. I love your blog and the motto on the side. It is truly correct in my opinion that sometimes lifes ups and downs aren't what you asked for but what make you human and able to be a better person and in the end be happy. I wish you good luck in life and everything especially your blog.

To answer your question, the reason why I want to get married is I feel like a dork at 35 and still the single guy. Plus I have these nesting urges. I want to get married, find my best friend in life, start a family ... Plus I guess I'm a little lonely...