Monday, August 18, 2008

..... and the rest was History....

So 2 yrs ago, I finally got to meet Goofball. We had been talking for close to 2 mths until we were ready and able to meet. Schedules being what they were, both parents, etc.... Ya know the drill. Plus no rushing this thing, right?

My honest first thought when I saw him.... "Wow, he is hot!"..... my second thought, "Well I guess this will be it, no way he will want to see me after this." Don't get me wrong, I really think I am cute and pretty BUT I am also overweight.... My ex couldn't stand it so why would this "stranger".... Right? Plus it was just a history of the guys I had dated or tried to/wanted to date. No fat chicks.

Anyway, two years later, I couldn't be happier with my life. I am sooo glad that he didn't say good bye to me (or ignored me after, like some losers do). We took things slow and it was perfect. Those first 6-8 mths were hard on me though because I just kept waiting for him to walk. He didn't and hasn't.... and trust me I have tried to push it a little bit. Not too much just a little. "OH for sure he is going to walk now." Nope. Either he is like me and is a gluten for punishment or else, he really does like me.

I also had pretty low self-esteem back then too. I didn't show him but I was pretty neurotic about this whole thing.... "Does he like me.... Does he not like me..... Does he like me.... " Those poor flowers. My friends were like "Shut up already."..... But finally, I got in to a comfortable place with this. I just chilled and enjoyed....

So to Goofball, I am so crazy about you. I appreciate you so much. You have been so awesome to me. Treating me so special and yes I know, you think it is the way I should be treated but not everyone would agree with you. I just like to tell you. I just enjoy each day for what it is and really try to fight that "What will the future be like" thing that us girls do. (don't deny it ladies, we all do it.... at least to a point). Anyway, sweetie, thanks for the memories and I look forward to many, many more.

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Anonymous said...

What a nice love story. I'm such a sucker for happy dating stories.