Friday, August 15, 2008

Are you special?

Have you had that one special person in your life? You know the one that made a big splash when he/she landed in it? Maybe you look at that time as a turning point, when your life would never be the same.... You would forever carry a piece of that person with you, even when they aren't in it anymore.

and then.....

Some day you are walking down the street just minding your own business when all of a sudden bricks fall from the sky..... okay it just feels like it.... but this person pops in your head. You stop and wonder how they are? Where they are? Why are they not in your life anymore?

And maybe....

They never knew how they changed your life, touched your life and turned everything around for you. They didn't do anything special or out of the ordinary. They were just themselves. They might just shrug it off if you told them how much they inspired you, helped mold you, changed you and saved you from yourself.

And if you are lucky, you may have more than one person in your life kinda like this. I have and yes, I totally believe you can have several turning points or "Aha" type of moments in your life. Life is both too short and too long. We meet so many people as we go. Some for just moments, think the cashier at the grocery store, maybe he or she is there working for a year or two. This isn't someone you are close to but they are indirectly part of your life. Maybe there is someone who you have watched from afar, a co-worker or neighbor that has shown strength in a bad situation. Or think of someone you have known for a long time, maybe even someone that comes in and out at different moments. I have a few friends like this. One I have know since 5th grade. She and I touch base randomly, it works for us somehow. If you think of this, we can meet so many people that can shape us.

But it is the really special people that we don't forget. They touched us so deeply and will forever be in our hearts.

Did you have someone like that or do you now?


Anonymous said...

I do and I'm struggling with it.

Charlene said...

Long ago, my mom was in the choir at church and the director of the choir (Fran) was so nice and sweet, she built you up and made you feel really special. I used to play with her daughter. Then they moved and I have missed them ever since! And that's been over 20 years ago!

I hope I bring joy to people's lives or the end of their life (at work). Great post EJ!!!

belinda/shuttle mom said...

I've been blessed with many special people in my life. Most were there just for a season and I will never forget them. We don't keep in touch on a regular basis, but when we do meet, it's like we were never apart.