Thursday, August 28, 2008

Not about zombies

When have I ever written about zombies? Never. But that was the only title I could think of! Catchy?? Yeah, I thought so too!!!

But, this is about nightmares, night terrors and screaming during sleep, which can be just as scary as zombies.... well almost.

So we are having the house remodeled. My house is not big, maybe 1000 sq ft.... It is a 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom and no garage, but it has a big yard and an understanding Landlord (my parents). Soooo we now have all my bedroom stuff in the living room. I have a new storage area but it isn't complete so all the stuff that needs to be stored there isn't.

My bed is now in the boys' room (yes it is large enough for a queen and two twins). My oldest son talks in his sleep. He also screams in his sleep! Nice.

So first night, I didn't bother to put a night light in there. They don't yet have a window in there so it is pitch black at night. I couldn't even see my hand in front of my face. Yeah I tried, not just once and I giggled that I couldn't.... I amuse myself like that sometimes.

Well about the time I got in to the good sleep, I woke up screaming. Yeah I was screaming. Why? Cuz H was screaming. I do not know why, he says because he woke up and it was dark. But I am not sure if that was the initial reason. L woke up, "Mom, can I talk to you?" He was obviously upset. I told him to come over to my bed. We all went back to sleep.

Every night since then, H talks or screams or yells in his sleep. I don't understand why. Earlier he was yelling at the dog to stop doing something and then yelled for me to get the dog to stop. The dog was laying on the floor across from me fast asleep. But I just called back "Dog stop." Done deal.

He yelled out a bit later something about "Rabbits! Rabbits!" I am sure Mindy can relate!

Which leads me to the not about zombies. He doesn't seem to be dreaming about scary stuff that you would think a child would be afraid of.... at least not in the traditional sense anyway.

My concern is why is he having these dreams or night terrors or nightmares? He has had them since he was a bitty little thing. I remember when he was about 2, he was dreaming but at that time it was scary. Snakes, or the way he used to say it "Nakes!" He didn't even wake up. I just held him and he calmed down.

I have talked to doctors, counselors, etc. Can't figure it.

At any rate, I have to sleep in there for at least a month. Wish me luck!!


Charlene said...

Oh my, poor guy! I have no idea what it could be. We all talk in our sleep too (me, R and the kids - when I was growing up my sister talked in her sleep all the time, still does). Wonder what makes people do that!

Go buy a night light or something, not that it would help with the sleep talking, but it might help L sleep better when H is doing it.

Hope the next month goes by quickly!

lisaschaos said...

I had tons of nightmares as a kid and occasionally still do. My mom will wake my dad up screaming occasionally! Good luck, maybe you should sleep in the living room.