Thursday, August 07, 2008

Back to school

As a mom to school-aged kids, my year isn't really based on the calendar (Jan - Dec). Nope, my year is run by the school's calendar. This year we start back on Aug 25th.

So in the spirit of back to school, let's sing! (I couldn't find a good video of the actually opening scene so this one is the song with just various clips... )

I have been a mom to a schoolager for a long time now. K start Kindergarten in the Fall of 1999. This year I will have a 9th grader (yikes!), a 7th grader (double yikes) and a 1st grader (triple yikes, time flies).

As I was thinking about ideas for my back to school thread, I was sent an email asking if I would consider posting some links to Readers Digest articles about back to school. First of all, he complimented my blog! Thanks. I like compliments! ha, ha. But also, I personally have always liked RD and used to read it regularly.... Then I looked through most of the articles, I think these are really good tips for any mom! I know I will be reading and putting some of these tips and other information to use this year. Especially the article about Home School Connection. We need a better schedule/routine.

So check'em out. Good stuff.

Homemade school supplies

Back-to-School Fun With Food

Back to School Safety Tips

Back-to-School 101

Back-to-School Checklist

Smart Back-to-School Health Solutions

School supplies Checklist

School lunchbox recipes

9 School Sports Injuries and Prevention Tips

Home School Connection

Oh and my own personal tip, buy extra supplies right now while they are on sale and everywhere! Right around January and about 5 mins before we are walking out the door (late, again, of course), someone needs colored pencils or a ruler or even a pencil and can I find one in the house??? NO!

I also admit, I don't make lunches. They all buy at school. It really does save me money in the long run (and time, stress and I don't get the not ham and cheese again!)

At any rate, a pet peeve and safety thingy here.... please be aware of when schools in your area start and then WATCH the speed limit, WATCH for kids and just be safe.


Esmerelda said...

Today I found myself saying out loud that in 5 years my son would be in high school.

High school.

Wasn't he just breast feeding?

He's 8 now, and closer to High School than to diapers.


Alice said...

I love school supplies and Kmart is my most favorite store.

Karen said...

They're just growing up too quick! Eleanor starts Year 1 this September. I'm sure it was only yesterday I was calling the midwife to the house... sigh.

belinda/shuttle mom said...

I always bought extra supplies too. Many of the items are hard to find at mid term. High school kids usually have a few new classes 2nd semester which means another list of supplies.