Sunday, August 17, 2008

A mother's plea..... The Baby

Great! So Goofball thinks I am raising a wuss. Niiiccceee.

He says one reason is because I call my youngest "Baby." Well damn he is my baby, what can I say? Right? He just is the youngest and therefore is called the baby. But hey, I call my other ones baby sometimes too. In fact, K just fussed at me because she said she can never tell who I am talking to. I called the dog baby and K answered, I said No, the dog.... see the confusion....


I know that he needs male role models in his life, since his dad is only in it once in a while. I try to get him around good, positive male role models as much as possible.

Also, I honestly don't baby him as much as I used to either. He is doing things for himself that I used to do for him. So we are getting there.

Yet, I just have to say, I am doing the best I can. I won't be having any more children,and I am finally starting to accept that fact, so please let me morn that in my own way. Please let me relish his "babyness" as long as he will let me. He has already grown-up way faster than my older two. He crawled at 5 mths old. He was running by a year old. He has been trying to be 8 and 6 yrs older than himself since birth.

Please, please don't make me feel bad about how I am raising my children. I already question my every move like I am being followed by a camera crew and every child rearing expert.

He will grow up into a fine man, I am sure of that. He is a great kid. There is NOTHING wrong with him. Nothing.

He is just "The Baby."

And then I just have to pass the mic over to Mr. Blake Shelton to tell the rest of the story for me..... Blake is a hottie! but I like him better with his short hair more than this long.

**** Most of this is written in teasing, sarcasm....


Charlene said...

Awww, thanks for making me all teary eyed this morning :)

I see nothing wrong with calling your youngest baby. My little brother is still called the baby. And Nathan is always going to be called baby too (all his siblings and dad call him that) and at one point he thought that was his name. If you would say where's the baby, he would say I'm the baby.

Keep calling him whatever you want!! :D

Lincldad said...

Everyone has their own unique opinion on the "baby" subject. You may get a better prospective from a grown baby's mouth. Yes, I understand the baby issue, mom's are like that.
Wonder how you'd fair around someone else's kid's? I'd imagine it might be hard to keep it all in. Not sure, you ever been in that position?
Got to hand it too Goofball though, If that's all he's has said to you, that ain't bad. I've heard horror stories of kids' behavior being a deal breaker.

TxGambit said...

Char, Thanks. I knew other moms would understand.

Some dads might too. I just don't know if they all get it.

To Lincldad,
I have not had to deal with men's kids if that is what you mean. But other friends and family and yes I have my opinions too, but to each their own. :) Goofball is a good guy and while I don't always agree, I like his opinions and thoughts.