Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Why I do Wordless Wednesday.....

I recently asked a good friend who also happens to be an amazing and popular blogger for some advice. She mentioned that she does not participate in things like "Wordless Wednesday" and others as she has too much to say.... Yes and she rocks at it!

But, I got to thinking about this. Wordless Wednesday doesn't necessarily mean that I am not saying anything about myself, my world, life etc. Each week that I have done Wordless Wednesday I have thought long and hard about what picture to share from my life. Like last week when I posted a picture of our massive amounts of school supplies! It is a good thing I got so many, btw.

Anyway, I really enjoy seeing the Wordless Wednesday posts. I really feel like I get a glimpse of your life when you post a picture.... I also love abstract pictures or landscape or animals or anything! New or old. I love them all.

I would like to start "collecting" posts for Wordless Wednesday. I would like any that wants to do this, to post a comment saying that you have a Wordless Wednesday post to share. I will post a list for everyone to go and see all the great pictures!

What do you think? I just hope all the traffic I got today will carry over to tomorrow so people get the word.

I'll start working on a badge for it.... Can you advertise it for me on your blog too?

Even if you don't want to be on the list, I would love to see your Wordless posts. :)


lisaschaos said...

I do Wordless Wednesday every week as I always have tons of photos to share and I like one day a week, I have no obligation to write, I can just share and use my words to leave comments for others. :)

Sherry Martschink said...

Had not come across a Wordless Wednesday before but just love the idea! I think I might start doing the same. It's an interesting concept and, as the saying goes, "one picture is worth a thousand words!"