Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My prized possesion

So yesterday was Fun Monday around the blogosphere. I keep hoping to hop in there one of these weeks!

Anyway so Lisa was the host. She asked folks to pose a question to their readers. Mindy at Mama Drama asked a great question! If she could see everything we owned, what might she like for herself? Check out her post.

I had to really think. What could she possibly want in my house? I like my shoes but they surely can't live up to Mindy standards! She has the best shoes. I have a Wii but she doesn't strike me as a Wii or video game person.

I have tons of toys, and by me, I mean the kids. They are EVERYWHERE! This is just a few shots of them.... Yes that one is in my bathroom.

Family photos? Maybe. The painting my grandfather painted? Nay it has a broken frame right now. My Navy memorabilia? Could be. (Most is packed away though).....

I thought.... and thought.... and thought....

Finally I answered that she might like my special Teddy Bear. Treasure was a gift to me from an Aunt and Uncle when my first of two younger brothers was born in 1975. She quickly became my best friend. She seemed so big to me when I was a child. She would hide me from monsters in the closest or under the bed. She made the hurt go away when I cut my finger off or had my tonsils out. She was there when I needed someone to listen and not talk. She kept all my secrets.

She has been with me through everything, slept on with me until K was born (seriously), then just slept on my bed during the day and next to my bed at night.

She has caught so many of my tears and shared my joys. I wish I had the pictures of her next to me just about every Christmas morning. The Christmas I got my first camera, she was happy to smile for me and let me practice.

Now she just hangs out on my dresser, ready for me and wearing one of K's dresses from babyhood. She is the reason I love teddy bears and why I have a huge collections of them. K's nickname from me is K---Bear, yes for that reason.

I can't even remember how or when she got her name. Was it when I was 2-ish yrs old? Was I older? Did I have help?

Well all I know is she is a treasure to me and I will have her for my whole life. I hope once I am gone (I want to be cremated so no burying her with me).... I hope my kids will keep her to remember me by, and hopefully pass her down to their kids.... if she makes it that long, that is.

Do you have one? Do your kids? Please feel free to leave it in the comments or share on your blog! (leave a comment with link to your blog, if you do)


Charlene said...

Awww, what a cute story!

I was never really attached to anything, but Amanda (cloth baby doll) and Anthony (panda bear) were when they were wee little. I kept their loveys, even though they are pretty much rags. But the kids love going through my keepsakes and seeing those things.

TxGambit said...

Char, Cute! I have a few things of my kids too.

Also I was just coming here to update the post a bit.... but you had already added just what I was looking for.

min said...

If I can't have one of the kids...I'll take the bear.
I do have one already...good idea for a post. I'll take a picture and put it up tomorrow

lisaschaos said...

I had a stuffed bunny all of my childhood but it is long since gone. :( I saved my daughter's first teddy bear but I don't think she has it anymore. :(

Margaret said...

so any help you can give me in convincing Mark that I need a Wii would be appreciated.

Yes, i know my free time to play it will be limited in the upcoming months, but i really kinda want one.