Monday, April 02, 2007

Astros Opening Day

Its Baseball season!!!!! And, the Astros play their season opener today. Oswalt is on the mound against the Pirates.

I won't be home in time to see the game from the beginning but hoping I can get settled in for most of it.

I usually don't get home until 6:00-ish anyway.... and today gotta go to the store for cat food. Thankfully what I feed them doesn't have the wheat glutten in it so hopefully we are good for food.

Soooo anyway, go Stros!!!!!

And, just an update on the NAScar season. Dale Jr. has not won a race yet but has done well. He has moved up in the points to 11th which is really good. Jimmie Johnson, who I don't care for great driver but not my fave, has won 4 out of the 6 races..... or something like that. They are talking about changing the name of Victory Lane to Jimmie Lane. Okay not really but ugh! So the next race is the 15th at Texas Motorspeedway. I cannot wait! I just wish I could go! Some day I will. Someday. (Its on my list.)


onjejank said...

Happy Opening Day... and here's to a great season of baseball in the lazy days of summer. Go Astros!

trappedintime said...

Hope the opener was just opening jitters.

TxGambit said...

Me too! Ugh, they were doing pretty good until Lidge came in.

Luke Scott Rocks though, plain and simple.