Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter

I thought I would share our Easter Eggs with everyone. The kids had fun. L especially enjoyed it and he colored the most.

We have done not much today. Just been lazy and its been perfect! We were planning to go one of my cousin's houses but nobody else was going so we didn't go.

The kids each got a new beach towel, a stuffed bunny, chocolate bunny and then some misc stuff.

I got a lecture from my dad about religion. My boys don't know the story of Easter. Well I don't expect L to remember from last year but H should know because we have talked about it. So later today, I will be telling them all the story. Maybe with K for help. I'm not a church person. I prefer my religion more personal.

L had a party at day care on Thursday (school was closed on Friday). Someone made those eggs with confetti in them. L, being 4 1/2, had never seen them before. So being the mom I am.... I let him bust them in the house.
As you can see it was quite a mess! This is just a small part of it. He threw them at a wall in my room.
And this is Big Bear. He had to get in on the fun too! L thought he would look good like this.
I think he does!
Most of the confetti is cleaned up but there are still bits of it here and there. I keep vacuuming but it is still there.
Oh well, I made a memory and made my boy smile. That is all that matters to me.


trappedintime said...

Those are some nice eggs. L sure does like purple?

TxGambit said...

He made 4 blue ones and then 2 pinky-purple colored ones.