Thursday, April 26, 2007

Climbing out of the fog

I have been living in the land of the Blahs for far too long. My head is finally feeling a bit clear. I realized, I have been walking around like this for a while. I found my motivation too. It was cowering in the corner whimpering! I gave it a cookie and it was back.

But, now that I am feeling more normal again, wow what a mess I have made of things!

Here is where I need to cut myself a break a little bit. I have been buried at work for a while now. Stress, pressure and the fear of not getting this job have taken their toll on me. I'm tired everyday when I get home... No wait, pass tired and head straight to pure exhaustion. I have been snappy with the kids, the cats, Goofball. Its just crazy!

The pressure at work is pretty bad. The guy I work with, J, keeps saying things like, "Why isn't this done yet?" Because I have a lot of things to do, I don't just support you... (Okay I don't say it like that but...) "Well you know that multi-tasking is a big part of doing this job, if you can't do it....." He gives me 90% of my work, the rest of my work doesn't stop at 10%..... No, no! I have several things that I do that are almost full time jobs in and of themselves. So I am basically doing 2 full time jobs.

A person can only multi-task so much. At some point things will fall. Things have fallen and I am now being micromanaged even more than I already was. Ugh!

However, I will say.... I am human. It happens. All I can do is admit the mistake, apologize and make an effort to correct it from happening in the future.


trappedintime said...

I'm glad you've taken a breath.

Esmerelda said...

HR people suck. Glad you took a step back.