Saturday, April 07, 2007

I need a "wife"....

or at least a domestic helper or a stay-home-husband or something! ACK!

My house feels like chaos. The kids need more structure than I can give them alone and dinner needs to be .... well better.

I am not opposed to being the sole breadwinner in a relationship. I like to work! Of course we all have days we don't want to but overall I enjoy working. I would love to be the one to go off to work and then come home to a clean house, supper and happy kids who aren't out doing who knows what and me being one step from the edge with worry that I'm going to get *that* phone call. (of course I wouldn't mind being a dual-income household either but still.... an extra set of grown up hands would be nice!)

And anyway, I'm so not a good housewife. I'm not very domestic. I mean I can clean my house and do but I'm not organized enough to keep it that way all week plus the kids are working against me. I think they are on a mission or maybe they just like the mess.

Also, I can't seem to get organized enough to cook dinner for us every single night. Well I do okay with it and I try really hard but I don't always make good meals. It is usually something easy and convenient. I use shortcuts as often as possible (boil in bag rice because I don't have to measure which equals thinking). I would love to cook from scratch more and I would like to good better foods.... but conveniences wins every time.

I am also a bit worried about my kids too. It would be nice to know that someone was here when they got home from school. This way there is some one here to make sure they get home, get homework done, and when they go outside, someone knows they aren't just running wild all over the place. Currently things are just chaotic in this department. Sometimes they will come straight home, sometimes they do their homework but mostly they are just running wild in the neighborhood.

Now granted I can't afford to hire a nanny or domestic helper of any kind right now. And, I'm not even in the market for a new husband..... I'm opposed to it someday and for the right reason, love not convenience. But by then the kids will probably be grown.

I just need to break the chaotic feel of the evenings and days. Get more organized and hope for the best. Until then we just do the best we can and we get by. The kids know I love them and I'm here for them. In many ways, I'm a great mom and in others.... well I just need help is all! :)


Builder Mama said...

I think we ALL could use one, LOL. Seems like since MM turned 5, the house has gotten progressively more cluttered and the three males in this house never pick up after themselves, don't clean up, etc. And yes, I include the dog in this calculation!

TxGambit said...

Oh yes! Exactly!

But, now imagine 3 Monkeys running around.... Got the image? Scary, huh?

LOL.... Its so much fun!

Today trying to get the house ready for me to go out of town for work. They are just looking at me like I grew a second head. Niiice! (okay so they helped a little bit).

Esmerelda said...

I hear you honey. I figure, my lack of houskeeping effort just shows everyone I'm human. I can't be perfect at everything, right? :-D
Erma Bombeck said something like 'No one is going to say, 'she kept a really clean house' when you're dead'.

Now go take on the WORLD!!