Friday, April 06, 2007

Took kids to work

Today was Good Friday, schools closed, day care closed but mom had to work. I figured since this company does a 9/80 schedule (half the office is off on Friday) and it being Good Friday, that few people would be in the office. So I decided I would take just L to work... well that turned into taking both boys and just as we were leaving this morning, K woke up and said she was going.

Okay fine.

Then turns out my supervisor brought in her oldest daughter so thank goodness that I wasn't the only one and actually I saw a few other people with kids there today.

And even though we were there from 7:30 - 3, they were surprisingly good. There were moments I was almost regretting bringing them in but in the end it worked out great!

I don't know that I would do it again anytime soon but it wasn't the disaster I was sure it was going to be.

Then a job update. You may or may not remember this is a temp job for me and I have been hoping for it to go perm..... The process is that they have to post the job, meaning that it is open and anyone can apply. Then they do the interview process and then the selection. Meaning I have to do all of that and meaning that I could lose this job. I found out today that one of the other contractors (different department) was just replaced. She applied but didn't get the job. Yikes!!!!

So anyway my supervisor was working on getting the job in the system yesterday and today she was finishing up the last steps. So I will be applying and hoping for the best. All I can do at this point is my best. I have worked really hard and a lot of people recognize that and compliment me. But, in the end, someone could come along that "looks" better. This job has also had a lot of turnover and they said I am the longest person to stay. That could be a good sign, right?

Then this coming week, I will get to travel for work! To NEW ORLEANS!!!! I cannot wait. I'm hoping this means that they want to keep me but again, no guarantees. Just wishing and hoping.

I will keep you all updated.


Builder Mama said...

Glad taking the kids went well. It's nice to have a place that bends a little bit when you get in a pinch. I've had to bring MM in a few times and it's mostly gone well.

I feel pretty strongly that you'll end up getting this job, especially because of the turnover before you came on the scene! Not to mention you are hard-working and have been doing a great job!

BTW, can you email me? I saw a post on WMR that I wanted to email you on but can't find my email

TxGambit said...

Builder Mama,

You've got mail!

Thanks for the kind words. I'm trying not to get my hopes up toooo much.

Mayberrys said...