Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Hello from New Orleans

Hey y'all!

So I'm here in NOLA and so far having a great time! We didn't work yesterday because our flight was delayed a bit, then shuttle to the hotel took a while and then traffic. So we got to the hotel, chilled for a little bit and then grabbed some lunch. Back to the hotel for a bit.... late dinner.

It was fun just walking around the French Quarter yesterday.

I have only been here once and it really shouldn't count because we only kind of drove through. The ex had looked at a transfer here versus Fargo in 2003..... We didn't care for it then and decided Fargo was the winner.

Anyway, loving it! Missing having internet 24/7 though..... It is weird how much I miss it, but I think it is the people I miss not so much the internet. Some people I talk to daily and is my main form of communication with them. Sad but true!

Oh and I'm totally going to gain 10 pounds before I get home! Goooood foood! Had fried oysters last night.... Wish I could have had a whole plate of those babies! Then gumbo was lunch. Totally yum-o.

Well that's my NOLA update. Be back soon!


Esmerelda said...

I've always wanted to go to NOLA! I have this dream (and have since college) of earning some beads. THe only place where toplessness is appreciate and rewarded. But never on a work trip!! :-)

I missed you!

aimee / greeblemonkey said...

I still think it's kinda funny that you guys picked Fargo. But then, I hate cold weather. (Although, have I mentioned it's snowing here again????)

Mama Drama Jenny said...

Oh I'm so jealous. Stop at Cafe do Monde for me, willya?

TxGambit said...

Maybe someday we can get a group together and go to NOLA together. You, me, Maven and whoever else we can gather.

I know! We were crazy but I fixed it as soon as I could.

Already been there, done that. it was good. All the food was soooo goooood! Not sure if we will go out again tonight. I'm beat!!!!