Monday, April 30, 2007

I'm not a bitch.... all the time!

So the ex isn't feeling good (tummy ache). I think he is also a bit depressed. He called me twice today, just to chat. He sounds pathetic and as much as I would have liked to just tell him to kiss it, I talked to him both times.

See I have a thing for the misfit, underdog, helpless type. Give me your sick, your tired. I will baby them, nurse them, nurture them. I'm pathetic that way. Call me a mother or a woman or maybe just nuts.

Once a upon a time, I was dating this guy named Craig. It was pre-marriage. We dated for about 3mths, broke up because we really didn't like each other enough not to see other people. Well anyway during this 3mths, he got really sick (like had to be in the hospital for a few days and then on bed rest for at least a week). I took care of him. One day when he was feeling better, he said, "You have a good bedside manner..... Thanks."

Anyway, the ex was babbling on and on about how he keeps making mistakes and he keeps missing things and just babble really. I have no idea.... that is why I think he is depressed but doesn't realize it right now.

Of course on some levels I care. I truly worry about his sanity. He isn't a bad guy in that I think he would go nutso on me or the kids, but I think he could definitely become a hermit. The crazy guy that just grunts at you when he passes you on the street. Snapping about the price of grapefruit. He is definitely the type to check out of reality.

Sooo anyway, for the sake of my kiddos (they do need a dad even a somewhat absent one), I talk to him. I get along with him and well heck, it is who I am.

I am a bitch... or I say I can be one, but mostly I am not.


trappedintime said...

I got lost on that one. So you're a caring bitch who has a thing for the underdog. DUDE! One post ego boost, next post knock the d..k in the dirt.

TxGambit said...

When I said I have a thing for them... it isn't like what you think. I mean, I want to just take care of them. Like this whole I gotta save the world type of thinking.

Just like I would take in all the strays (and did for a short time recently)....

Just have a soft heart. What can I say?

That is all. You still rock.

g-man said...

Well that's good. That is part of the reason I try to get along with my ex, for the sake of my sons. Hang in there.