Saturday, June 10, 2006

Being a single mom...

... and the key word there is single because I think I have the mom part down for the most part anyway. Though there are new daily challenges, I have learned where to find answers, techniques and most importantly is how to be flexible...... anyway, single mom, I'm nervous, I'm scared and most of all I'm excited! Though we didn't work out, I feel good that there is someone else out there for me. Maybe someone who will treat me the way I want and deserve. Some days I feel like I failed and others I know it isn't my fault... it just didn't work. Then I will hear someone say, "marriage is hard and you have to work at it." or "never give up" or whatever else. Well I have been there, done that. That is one reason we were married for so long. It really should have and almost ended years ago. But I really felt like a failure like I was missing something because I couldn’t make my marriage work. But it is neither his fault nor mine. We just weren’t made for each other, period.

Bottom line is that I should be happy and so should he. I am just looking forward to the next adventure out there.

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