Thursday, June 29, 2006

Dating Updates

It seems I have left some dating loose ends. So I mentioned a guy that I wanted to email and then did and then waited for…. NOTHING. He never emailed back but ya know its fine really, it turned out okay because there is another guy that I’m chatting with and really that’s all I want. Some person to talk to and get to know. Not sure how serious he is about moving it forward at some point, because frankly it’s too soon for that. He is a nice guy so far and seems to have some interests that would be fun to know more about! One just happens to be something that my grandfather (paternal grandfather that we lost last summer) used to do and I have always been very fascinated with it since I was just a tiny girl. So crossing my fingers that it works out to be a little more than chatting but have no intention of rushing it because that just leads to my next story….

I was talking with someone else and had actually met said person. Sometimes things just don’t work. Not for any other reason than it wasn’t a match. He wanted more, faster than I wanted more and he is a nice guy but I don’t want to pushed, though I seem pushy and rushed to date. I just want someone to talk to and hang out with sometimes but not to define our relationship/friendship exactly and just have fun and laughs without strings.

Sounds like I want my cake and eat it too… Ah well, that’s my update. Again, dating sucks….

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