Saturday, June 10, 2006

When I grow up....

When I grow up. This is something I remember thinking about a lot as a child. When I grow up I'm going to be, well, a lot of things.....

A teacher, maybe, or a scientist. Those were my two biggest. I always thought I would be a good teacher and I guess as a mom I'm a teacher. A scientist, well I had no idea what that really meant. I knew a little because I read books, lots of books. I loved learning about animals so I thought maybe a Zoologist or Biologist or something like that. But, I just knew I wanted to do something fun that I would enjoy doing everyday or at least most.

I also would think about where I would live. I thought it would be some trendy apartment with a view of the city. A small balcony where I would drink coffee or wine, and look at the other buildings. I would have "grown up" furniture. What does that mean anyway? Well I thought of two decorating styles. One would be so ultra modern, guests would come over (for my latest party) and everything would be so modern people wouldn't really know what was furniture and what was art, is it all art? The other would be dark woods and leathers, heavy pieces that look like, well I'm not sure, a library?I would have attended college, then work for some law firm or advertising company, forget for a second that I really wanted to do something else.

This is what I thought "grown ups" did. I would always have these great parties where everyone laughed and had a great time. I would have this really close knit circle of friends, think Friends. We would get away for the weekend to the beach or go skiing.I would then marry someone from my hometown, buy a house, have children, get a dog and a cat. Holidays would be grand affairs, everything perfectly decorated. The kids would wear matching holiday outfits. Our families would be there and everyone would be laughing and drinking wine, while all the children chased each other and giggled. Sometimes an uncle or grandfather would tease them as they ran by.

Sounds like something straight from a movie. Well, yes it does. I do think some people might have this type of life but I don't. Now don't get me wrong my life is great but it not "Leave it to Beaver" more like "Roseanne". But a little mess, a little dysfunction is fun!

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