Saturday, June 03, 2006

Temp Job

Yesterday I got a call early in the morning... after a late night partying with the kids. Okay not really, daughter had a friend spend the night and we were all up late. I didn't think I would get a work call like this so what the heck.

Back to Friday morning. I get the call but am told hang out to see what time they might want me over there. We talk back and forth all morning. It got to the point that I figured that I wasn't going to get a call.

And, then I did. 10:30 could I be there at 12.... Umm, sure! Now here is my list of stuff to do: Get Logan to day care (this could be the plot of Mission Impossible 4), Get over to the staffing office to fill out the last of my paperwork that we just realized I would need done, and then figure out where the heck I'm suppose to go. I do it with ease, though leaving my little boy after dragging him out of the house was hard! But, I did it. Even stopped at Sonic (drive thru, fast food) to get a drink. I had a headache so needed to take something plus I'm addicted. Thankfully the company I was going to was right across the street from the staffing company.

Get in and realize....... I forgot to put on deodorant. Yes folks, that's right! Its Houston and its hot almost year round, at least hot enough to warrant the need for deodorant every single day. So I get to the waiting area, they had me sit down so I do but then ask, where's the restroom. Down the hall. I head down to the restroom... try the door knob, its locked. Crap! So I go have a seat and then get up a few minutes later and go try again. Its still lock so for some reason this time I push.... DUH! Its not locked. I feel like an idoit. I wash my face, put my make-up back on quickly! Go in the stall and just try to wipe myself off (I know!!).... Go back out and I hear the ladies at the front desk say "She just disappeared." then they stop short when I walk back in so I know it was me. They tell me the lady I'm suppose to meet will be up soon she just had to run a quick errand and was on her way back. Great.

I wait, I wait, I wait, I wait.... Finally here she is and we are off! I couldn't wait to get away from the ladies at that desk. I was so embarassed.

All in all it was a great day. Just enough time there to get familiar with the offices, the layout, get my badge, learn a few helpful things and then get the heck out! Did I mention I'm getting paid very well for this? $2 more per hour than I have made thus far. Totally worth it!

There is a slim chance this could turn permanent or I can try to apply for jobs around the company to see if I can get on with them somehow. Cross your fingers because except for the women I embarassed myself in front of, it seems like a great place. The building is beautiful on the inside!

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