Sunday, June 18, 2006


I feel like writing a blog but I can't think of just one interesting topic to write about so I'm just going to write everything that comes to mind. So bear with me as I ramble on about nothing and everything. Maybe like an episode of Seinfeld.

You have been warned! Turn back now….

Still here? Okay here are the random thoughts for today….

Today is Father's day. I'm back in Houston this year but where is my dad? On his way to England. He just got back from a business trip to Venezuela. I haven’t even seen him yet. Oh well, I know there are many, many people not able to see their dad today and he wasn’t here for my Birthday either. He travels a lot for work. I did talk to him this morning. We talked about when he started traveling. I said he has been traveling almost as long as I can remember but that I did remember a time when he didn’t travel for work. My brothers and I used to run up to the corner when we knew he would be on his way home from work and then he would stop and pick us up. I used to love that!

My children are probably not going to see their father today either. He is in Dallas getting on with his life. (Maybe I should post one of my fave Bowling for Soup songs!, later)….. They tried to call. That was an hour ago and he didn’t answer nor has he called back. Hope he is happy with his choice.

I cleaned like a manic yesterday. I’m allergic to dust. I woke with a killer headache. It would be worth it if the house actual looked clean but alas, the children ensure that I have job security as a maid. Ha, ha!

Then for…. It’s not working. I’m getting frustrated but at least my subscription runs out on Friday. I plan to hide my profile again then workout like a mad woman, buy a new camera and rejoin later on when I look and feel better, and can put up some much better pics! And, hey, who knows, maybe I’ll meet someone in the meantime without the aid of an online dating service.

You may be wondering why I feel the need to rush into another relationship. I don’t really want to be in a relationship but would like to date. To me dating is going out to dinner, maybe a movie or something and kind of just meeting different people. I want to meet a few guys and see who is out there. I do not want to jump into a relationship unless in the off chance one of them just is perfect for me. Then I would try to take it slow from there. Before getting married, I dated a lot of guys!!! It was all in a relatively short time too.

Let’s go back there shall we? First boyfriend was freshman year HS. He was sweet but one of those guys that probably didn’t make it too far. He introduced me to kissing. I love to kiss. Then I guess I dated another guy. He was my first… and as it turns out was actually dating someone else and I didn’t know. Dumped him really quick. Then there was a guy much older than I was. I was 17 and he was 24. Okay so not that much older but I realize now the difference between me at 17 and him at 24 was big. Now I could date someone 7 years older and the difference would be very little. He would probably remember more of the 70s and had a different experience during the 80s than I did but that’s probably it. Then there was my first really serious boyfriend (HI, I know you read this!)… Wow. I was so in love with him. I just knew we would be together forever. Life is so funny and I just can’t help but think of Garth Brooks at a time like this. ‘Unanswered Prayers’ We dated for 10 mths, broke up but still saw each other for just over a year more. He was leaving for college so I joined the Navy. I couldn’t stand the thought of living here and him not being here too. I sort of dated a few guys after he and I broke up but really opened the door once I was in the Navy.

So quick update. I had 4 boyfriends and about 4-5 casual things before the Navy. So that’s let’s just say 9…. It was Sept 9, 1992 when I entered the Navy. I was married Dec 1993. Between that time I had two boyfriends and the rest were casual boyfriends. Mostly other young Sailors, new to the Navy and probably all just as homesick and confused as me. There were a few that were not new and wow, one I was head over heels in lust for. He was a big disappointment (or I should say little! disappointment if you get my meaning.)

There is just one guy on my mind that I wonder about often. My Junior High crush. I had the hugest crush on him until he moved Junior Year of HS. I would just like to know what kind of man he turned out to be. Is he married? Does he have kids? Did they get his beautiful blue eyes? What is his job? Does he ever wonder about me?

Ah well, life is funny for sure. I’m 33 and I really can’t believe how weird life has turned out for me. It is not at all the way I thought it would be right now. The kids I thought I would have, but thought it would be 4. They are great kids! Earlier my boys were fighting but now they are drawing pictures for me. The girl is sleeping. She was awake earlier but I think with summer she is staying up way too late and my efforts to wake her in the morning are met with much drama. It’s not worth it.

So that’s my rambling and random thoughts for this Father’s Day.


Mrs. Wheezer said...

It's tough when you don't get to see your dad on father's day!

Hang in there, lady!

TxGambit said...

Thanks, Mrs. W.

I know you understand.

Hugs to us both!


SpeedwagonJ said...

Thank you for sharing. I am proud to have been one of those loves. Unanswered Prayers is such an appropriate song as Garth was the reason we got together if you remember.

Anyway, I hope you find the true love of your life! You deserve it.

From an old love...hugs and kisses!

Love ya,


TxGambit said...

Hey JJ,

Thanks for checking out my blog! I thought you would like that. Its funny that Garth reminds me of you in so many ways.

Love ya too babe!