Saturday, June 10, 2006


I hate cleaning. No, I don't just hate it, I detest it. I abhor it. I loathe it…

Being a working mom, a single mom with three kids and a student the house gets really messy during the week because I have little time for it. I get home from work, check my classroom (I love going to school online), then try to make dinner as fast as possible while the kids are whining about being hungry or worse fighting or worse yet they are bored and want me to entertain them. I love them but I have burnt too many dinners, wasted too much money by getting distracted by their cuteness. Ha! Then clean up dinner, play with kids a bit, then its schoolwork. Since the little one still sleeps with me, I have to go to bed when he does so I have until 9 to get everything done…. Many times, I just get back up once he is out; sometimes I don’t make it because I’m out cold. (I do know that he needs to start sleeping in his bed, it’s a goal to be completed by the end of this summer).

The other reason I’m desperate to get the house clean, well not just clean but cleaned out, is because we will be moving to another house in July. On one hand, I’m excited because it is a little bit nicer house, yet just as small with a smaller yard. But on the other hand, it is overwhelming because of all the things that have to happen between now and then. I also need to remember to update all the addresses everywhere. The kids’ schools, my school, the doctors’ offices, all the bill collectors (or maybe not!)…. It will get done and then I have no plans to move again for several years.

I guess I have stalled long enough. I had better get in gear to clean. I have promised (or bribed) the kids we would play Uno if they clean!!! I’m such a great mom!

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