Saturday, June 03, 2006

I decided to put myself out there again. Why? I'm lonely! Plus someone at my temp job is getting married on the 9th. Where did he and his new bride meet? Yep

No, no. I'm not looking to get remarried. Heck we only JUST signed the papers. I'm just so ready to date. I think I'm a great person to know. I have flaws, but who doesn't?

I had hid my profile on Match and today rewrote it and once its ready, I'm going to unhide and see what happens. Just want someone new to talk to, who is interesting in getting to know me (hey maybe I should say that!!!).

I'm scared. I'm excited. I'm nervous. I hate rejection. I love/hate meeting new people. Those that know me, know I suffer from anxiety attacks. They can get really bad sometimes.... which is a whole other story that I can go into later!

So wish me luck on this current venture. And, I just keep saying, my luck will change. Everything was smashed and now I can just move forward, right?!

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