Thursday, June 29, 2006

The phone call

Since the kids are with dad, I have been waiting for that phone call. The one that starts with “There has been an accident….” And ends with me dropping dead on the floor… Okay not so dramatic (I just don’t know where K gets it!) but here is the thing. While I tend to be more laid back about things like toys all over the house or ice cream in the car (have ya seen those pics?). He tends to be a little less, what’s the word… watchful maybe? Or less safety aware or some something that makes me fear for my children’s safety. Ya see here is the thing again; they take after me in that they tend to be accident prone, especially oldest son. And, then the girl is just more dramatic about any injury or illness making it really hard to determine if she is truly in pain and needs to seek medical attention or not. Then of course the other son just turned 4 and because he such older siblings, doesn’t always realize limitations.

So here I am happily sitting at work and I get a call that starts with a much panicked voice, “It’s an emergency!” What? Oh my gosh (OMG). “L says his toothbrush is not his but he has a different one.” WTF! Are you kidding me? “He is saying you will say yes. Will you talk to him?” Um sure. L use the toothbrush. “I don’t want to” Sorry you have to, can I talk to your dad again. ….. This is not an emergency and I’m at work. “It was an emergency.” He is not going to brush his teeth with that toothbrush right now, it is not a big deal to let him calm down (he is stubborn like… well honestly both myself and ex-h, so that’s not good)… He can brush his teeth later. “Okay”

Now I have probably done this a few times myself, called when it wasn’t an emergency but for the record I would never start with “It’s an emergency”, I would have said, “I need your help….” I know we all have moments that we just can’t handle. So that is how my day is going.

One emergency averted!

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