Friday, January 12, 2007

Celebrity on my blog!!!! (Mama Drama!)

Okay maybe not a true, on Television, movies, radio celeb but I still feel very honored to have Jenny from Mama Drama post a comment to my blog! Whooohooo, now I have hit the big times. Long story short, she posted a call out to lurkers the other day to post comments. Long time reader, never made a comment.

Now if I could just get Wil Wheaton to post on here like he did on Mama Drama, then I would really make it big!

Thanks, Jenny for the comment. I was really surprised to see you. Love your blog, read daily. And, I hope you come back and visit me soon!

Some of my faves..... (I am hoping the links work... but if it takes you straight to the comments, just scroll up a bit)

Haunted Dollhouse

Why she thinks they can't adopt!

Oscar the Grouch

and finally, this place I pass almost daily! and have wanted to stop at oh so many times over the years......

PS I really hope the links worked. I have never done them before but a friend told me how and so I'm hoping I can follow directions.


Mama Drama Jenny said...

You're welcome! I love your blog.

But I'm no celebrity. Wil Wheaton? Now THAT'S a celebrity.


Tree said...

Okay, so share how to do the links.

I love your blog, too, E.

TxGambit said...

T, I may need to email to explain it.

Or email me! I have a few email addys for you, so can never remember the best one!