Monday, January 22, 2007

Last Class!

So tomorrow I will get to start my last class! I cannot wait. It is cultural diversity which is a topic that I love!

On the first day of class, we are always asked to share our bio. I'm so excited to finally post my last and final bio! I thought I would share mine with you now. Of course I changed the names to protect the innocent. Ha.



Hello. My name is EJ, I’m a single mom to three children, K 12, H is 10 and L is 4. I also have 2 fur babies, ZoĆ« and Sebastian who are ragdoll cats.

I grew up just south of Houston, TX. After high school, I went to a local junior college. However, in 1992, after only one year, I needed a change, so I joined the US Navy. I was stationed near Pensacola, Fl at a helicopter training squadron. This is where I had my first two kids. Then we were transferred to Norfolk, VA where I worked for NATO. I served 8 years total before returning to my hometown with my new family.

In 2002, shortly after returning from maternity leave, I was laid off. I was able to find a job rather quickly but the pay cut was huge though I took the job, we could no longer afford for me to work due to the expense of day care. So in May 2003, I left my job after 10 months with the thought of staying home being temporary until I could get a higher paying job. Shortly after my then husband applied for and was offered a job, he couldn't refuse in Fargo, ND. We packed and were moved in 3 weeks. We lived there for 2 years. But, Summer 2005, I decided to move back to Houston with the kids. Now we have been back in Houston for just over a year. Hurray!

For work, I'm a HR Assistant for an Oil and Gas Company. We stay very busy as you could imagine! We just finished are Fall college recruiting and are just gearing up for our Spring recruiting.

This is my 36th and last class towards my Business Management degree. What jump started me to get back to school was my layoff and looking for a new job was just disappointing. I would like to work at a higher level and feel that my experience needs an education to back it up.

When I am not reading for school, I love to read just about anything I can get my hands on. I also love spending time with my kids and watching Animal Planet. I also love baseball and NASCAR.

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