Sunday, January 14, 2007

Someone's in the kitchen with.....

For months and months, I haven't found a way to really balance things as a newly single mom. Because of school and work, I tend to let the house duties go a bit. Mostly I don't cook as often as I would like. Instead we do a lot of take-out, drive-thru or very convenient meals.

Well for New Year's I set a goal (no not a resolution to easy to break a goal is realistic and doesn't feel like as much pressure). The goal was to cook more. This would not only save money but would hopefully snap the kids out of being so picky. I blame the ex for part of this, they seemed to have gotten his pickiness over foods. But, I also blame myself for giving them the fast foods. I also don't buy the whole Gerber thinking of giving them veggies and a variety as babies and they will grow up this way. No! Mine would eat just about anything and everything that I made until.... they turned 4 years old. Now the little one has never really eaten well since he was made 2..... I made his baby food, homemade! Everything you could imagine and he ate it. But, around 2, I guess he realized that bro and sis didn't eat what he was so why should he.

So anywho, the goal is more dinners cooked at home.

The update on this is all last week I cooked at home!!!! We started writing out a menu and this is what we go off of for the week. I know, I know. You are thinking, "Well duh. That is so easy. Why didn't you think of that before?" Well I'm glad you asked. I have done this before but I couldn't stay on top of it. Plus the kids weren't on board with it because I was making the menu, and because I was doing all the work. Now they help with the planning, they help with the prep work and they help with cooking and cleaning up.

I just made menu #2 and I am really excited about it!


Builder Mama said...

Way to go! I really need to get back into the habit of cooking at night - ever since we moved 2 years ago we eat out almost every night just for the convenience factor. I did go today and stock up on healthier stuff with the hopes of eating home 2 nights this steps!

TxGambit said...

Good luck! You used to be the Queen of the Kitchen! I was always in awe of your skills and recipes you posted.

My soup is cooking now. That should take care of at least tonight and tomorrow! Whooohooo.

Tree said...

I love soup.

Like you, I need to start cooking at home more. Now that W is not traveling every darn week, I can plan on adults meals during the week rather than the kid-friendly, 5 min cheese quesadillas, etc.