Monday, January 22, 2007

Work Stuff

If you don't know, I have been working a temp job since mid-June. This was after a kinda bad year of getting turned down (for permanent positions) and used as a temp at other places.

Well since the start of this, the plan has been for them to turn it into a full-time, permanent position.

Today I found a position that I would like to apply for with the company (a different part, its a big, big company). I talked to one of my co-workers about it and she said I should apply and not wait. Well then another co-worker mentioned that the job might be available very soon. Turns out he is pushing hard for me to get the job. We didn't get time to finish talking about it so we are talking about it more tomorrow. I'm also going to talk to him about this other position.

So it looks like I am going to start the job hunt. Time dust off the ole resume and update it. I am down to one class before I will get my degree. I am so excited! This is going to help.

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