Monday, January 29, 2007

Happy Birthday H-man

To my first son,

H-man, you were born 11 years ago today, 8 days late but better late than never! You were a surprise from day one, and I just knew you were going to be a boy. I wished and wished. And, your daddy wanted a boy so bad too. You see he was the last to carry on his last name. Then there was you. But it was more than that. You see, today is a special day because it was also the day your great-grandfather was born. You share the same name. He was someone very special to your dad but died long before you or I knew your daddy. Still it was a special thing to have you born on that day.

The first day I met you, I was in love. You were so much bigger than your sister was at birth and you looked so much like I did when I was born. While you were in the nursery, the doctor came to talk to me. You had a problem with your heart. They said it was common but just watch you very closely. I was so worried that maybe I had done something wrong while I was pregnant with you. I quickly learned that was not the case. For the next 4 months or so we took you to the doctor just about every week. Thankfully sometime around 4 months you were fine. The problem with your heart was gone.

Of course, after your sister we were spoiled because she was such an easy baby. You were quite the opposite and still prove to be a true handful today(as is your baby brother). You were far needier and wanting to be fed all the time. I didn't mind but my body did so I switched you to formula but you were so sick from the formula, just like your sister was . We finally found one, different than what she had, that didn't make you sick. I was so glad!

Shortly after you were 5 months old, no heart problem good on formula and eating baby foods, we moved to Virginia and then the ear infections and colds started. At 18 months, you had tubes put in your ears to held with the ear infections. It still didn't help. This would be a constant problem until you were 3 years old. It was around this time you had hand surgery for what was called a trigger thumb. Basically you couldn't bend your thumb anymore. Sometimes during all this you had 3 weeks worth of chicken pox. But, (knock on wood) you have been fairly healthy since. Only one ear infections and a few colds.

After having a girl, having a boy was a really adventure. I didn't really know how much toilet paper was on a roll. I didn't know how fast a toddler could climb a book case. You used to love to jump from the highest points of the house. The back of the couch, the counters, the stairs. You had no fear. I never heard a baby laugh quite so hard or feel my heart grow quite the way it did with you.

You got teeth really early and I just loved that little toothy grin.... and then when you knocked out your front 6 teeth (yes 6), I loved that toothless grin..... I thought for sure you would play hockey!

and, once I thought I had lost you forever. You disappeared for almost 2 hours and I had to get the police to help find you. I thought I had lost my baby. But, thankfully you were found unharmed and had no idea you were "missing".

You take after my grandfather so much. Early to bed, early to rise. Restless, has to be moving and when it is time to go, nothing will hold you back. You make me laugh, you make me cry.... and....whatever you do and wherever you go, I will love you. I think I love you more each day. I am just thankful to know you. You are very special but I don't think any of us know just how yet.

Happy Birthday, baby.


Esmerelda said...

LMAO! The teeth! The illness! You've earned your mommy badge several times over!!

min said...

I'm falling in love with your kids. They are at the age that mine were when I really started learning about the world and how it's changed since I had them. It just gets better.

TxGambit said...

Es, Thanks! The teeth is truly funny and actually how he got his "trigger thumb" I should have sued the mall! There are more, oh so many more funny H-Man stories.

Min, Thanks! It is fun. They are people now, not just little babies that depend on me so much. I can have real conversations with them. And, when I read about your kids, I think mine are almost that age and you sound you have a lot of fun with yours!