Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New Year! 2007!

Well it is officially the new year. In this year something amazing will happen.... I will finish school!!!!! I am very excited about this.

This means tons of changes. I first need to make some decisions about my career. Where am I going to go with it? This of course depends on what happens with the current job. Will it become permenant? Will it end? Will I have to look for another this year? Now if this one is offered to me as a permenant job, I will take it and make a new decision later on. If not, I will start the job hunt but this time with a degree in hand! I really hope it offers some new opportunties for me.

Then on to other things for the year. I can't wait to finish school so that I can regain some life back too. Like making dinner, spending time with my children in the evenings. Hopefully having more time to do hobbies: painting and reading! I want to teach my oldest son about amateur radio.... not that I know much about it now but I plan to learn. I have already started to look for books and websites that will help me learn. I'm going to teach my youngest how to ride his new two-wheeler. I want to take my daugther to get a pedicure and manicure, do some fun girl stuff with her.

Other things I want to do is try to take better care of myself. Baby steps, baby steps. I need to make some doctor's appointments. I need to learn more about this herniated disk. I want to be able to workout again. I have gained so much weight because I can't right now. So once I understand my limits or whatever, I can do this. I could probably walk, right? But, maybe very careful with the sit-ups and push-ups, etc. But I just don't know!

I also want to get my debt under control too. My student loans will come due this year. I have debt from my broken car. I would also like to replace that car this year. It will need more repairs and I just don't know if I want to put more into it. I may keep it though for another year because..... I want to do some things around the house. New blinds (stupid cat! broke them!). New flooring in my bathroom and maybe even the kitchen/dining room and laundry room. I would also like to do some painting, get new bedding for my room, get some art or somethings for the walls..... and a lot of landscaping.

So I made no resolutions for the year but I have goals and things I am looking forward to.

Happy New Year to you all! I hope that you have some goals that you will keep and have a great year. Happy, healthy and fun 2007.

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