Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Almost Summer

Just a few more weeks of school and then the kiddos go with daddy for most of the summer. What am I going to do with myself? Oh I have plans....

For one I get to work more. I don't mind doing some extra. I like to work most of the time. I mean we all have off days, right? And, sometimes I drag a bit in the morning (not exactly a morning person)... but by the time I get there and get to working, I'm good.

Another thing I would like to do is clean my house, but not just clean, I want to clean out the closest, the shed, the cabinets. There is just junk all over this tiny little house!

Another thing I would like to do is paint. But, not like my house, but get some canvas and just paint. Now by no means am I an artist, just more like a wannabe because EVERYONE in my family seems to be an artist. I am not. I guess I shouldn't say everyone, my dad isn't.... and his mom isn't.... I take after them in many, many things.

What else? I don't think I will be able to but I would like to travel a bit. I want to go see my bro, SIL and nephews in Colorado this summer. I will have a new nephew soon! #3 for my bro and SIL. That is the only must go to place.... anything else would be just extra.

I also hope to have more free time to see Goofball because I don't have to worry about the kiddos. He has a tight schedule but at least I can be open for 2mths for whenever he wants to see me. :)

Other things.... ??? I just don't know! Anything I want.

I am going to miss those kids like crazy but I will not call them. They know how to call me. This is there time with dad. They don't get much so I won't interfere. I will miss K's and L's bday.... I will send them their gifts and will call them but I won't go up there to see them. Again this is their dad's time.

Sooo just a few weeks and I will have free time! Whoohooo! and again, I know I will be missing them like crazy but it is only 2 mths out of a year. I have them the rest of the time.

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Esmerelda said...

You go girl. too bad you can't fly to MD. We'd have a BLAST!