Saturday, May 12, 2007

Asshole men

Okay let's see. I wrote about Crazy Bitch so it is only fair I define what an asshole man truly is. This is from personal experience and my opinion not true fact. (Ha, ha! like anything I write is, right?)

So I would say the first things that make a guy an ass would be.... Not calling even after saying you will. Just don't say you will if you have no intentions of following through with it.

Then there is the whole "he just isn't into you" type. By this I mean, the only time he is interested is when sex is involved. I have dated a few guys or talked with a few guys that were "busy" all the time unless I mentioned "sex". Then suddenly they had all the time in the world! Just a few choice words and describing what you want, the guy drops everything to talk. If I mention anything else, he is gone again.

Then there is the whole rude guy, so full of himself that he forgets what common courtesy is. The guy that is rude to the waiter/waitress. That may open the door for you (to impress you) but then let's it slam shut in the face of the older lady that is walking behind you. Guys if you think we don't notice, we do! I like to see how you act around other people. Even if you didn't hold the door for me, but do hold it for the mom of two trying to herd a screaming toddler, give the baby its pacifier and push the cart out of the store at the same time.... Then that makes you a hero to me.

Also you think that the whole world should revolve around you. Now I am all about hearing about your day, your life and you. But, sometimes it is nice to have someone ask how I am, how my life is. If I have told you that something important is happening in my life, and you do not take it as serious as I do (meaning you don't ask me about it) then you are an asshole. Sorry. It is about common courtesy. And, yeah I don't need to be the center of attention but some interest would be nice.

If you take me to your friend's house, one that I have never meet and then ignore me completely.... I think that is just plain rude. Don't get me wrong, I don't expect to be the center of attention but at least introduce me, at least draw me/include me in the conversation.

If you are controlling, you don't take in to consideration what I think or want or might like.... I mean don't get me wrong, I can be pretty indecisive but at least think about it! Show some interest.

If you ignore my kids, if you are mean to animals.... you don't have to like my kids, you don't have to like animals, but damn, don't be mean!

Just for the record, Goofball is about the opposite of all of these things! He likes to think he is an asshole (at least he says it a lot) and maybe in someways but not these ways. Or maybe he just hasn't shown me yet. I don't know. Maybe I just choose to ignore it!

So anyway..... those are some of my thoughts on it. I am sure there are more things that I'm missing but those are the big ones on my mind.


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