Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Stuck in the land of the sick

So the youngest has been sick for the last two days. I am going fucking nuts! Climbing the walls. Got cabin fever.

Mostly because I know I should have been at work the last two days. I have waaaay tooo much to do! We have a million things going on. I am not a workaholic by any means but I know I need to get my job done. Sometimes I do work late, sometimes I work long hours but it isn't often.

But, ya know what else I noticed this week, I hate being a single mom. Okay wait, not a single mom, I actually like that (freedom, no fighting! no tension!).... but I hate that the dad lives so far away! The fucker! Oh well, again, he is missing out. But, it does suck not to have a back up. Back up is usually my mom but she had surgery on Monday. Thankfully she is doing well.

L should be able to go back to day care tomorrow! That is good news because we have two large events next week and I need to get back to get everything ready! Catering, gifts, make sure the room is set up, make sure everyone knows where to go! make sure everyone's shirts came in. Get shirts to all the coordinators. Etc, etc. etc! Plus all my other daily stuff.

Somehow I know it will all get done. Tuesday's event will go great and at least I will have some time before the one Thursday, plus its in California so there is less for me to do.

Send get well vibes to the boy and don't go insane vibes to me!


g-man said...

{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{ get well vibes }}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

Hope all is better soon. Just don't get sucked into the daytime television.

Esmerelda said...

Oh, the backup is somehting I totally miss.

Thank God there is no vomit.

The Exception said...

The back-up, or lack there of, is the hardest part. My life stops when my child gets sick simply because there is no one to step in and shoulder some of the responsibility. I love being a single part; I wish I had back-up! ;)(And yes, I could get a sitter, but a sitter is not a loving parent with whom my sick child would feel comfortable etc)