Monday, May 07, 2007

Weekend Update (Mostly about Goofball!)

So I feel like blogging/writing something but since I don't ever write anything earth shattering, I figured nobody would mind if I just write about my weekend. Plus I have some Goofball stuff bouncing around in my head.

Friday was a work day for me (I get every other one off). But, I ended up only working until around 1:00. I had to pick L up for speech therapy. After speech, I got him in the tub, ironed our clothes and then got us both dressed for a wedding we had that evening. The big kids came home.... showers (quick!!!), dressed and we were off to my Aunt's house to pick up some of the food for the wedding. Bust butt to get down to Texas City (from Pearland.... easily an hour drive). Almost spilled all the soup in the process. Anyway, got to the wedding. It was great! My cousin looked to pretty!!!! I miss her! We used to be pretty close as kids. She looked so in love. Ah, to have that feeling someday.

Got home around 11:30.... I think??? Maybe it was earlier, maybe it was later either way.... (see next paragraph!)

Saturday game day. Sadly we missed L's game because we overslept. Oh well! Really lazy Saturday though. Didn't move much. H had a game at 6:30..... It was good. They didn't win but did really well anyway.

Sunday. Grocery store, some cleaning, did water balloons with the kids! L broke out in a big rash earlier in the day but was better-ish in the afternoon.

Then Sunday evening, I went to see Goofball. Now I wasn't planning to see him this week but he asked and I can't turn him down! Really I didn't have a reason that I wasn't going to see him, just that I didn't think we were going to get together. I was really happy he asked.

Here is the thing, I'm all about space in a relationship but honestly that's a lot of what we get. However, I think that is part of the reason our relationship works is because we don't get to see each other but a few times a month, so we appreciate the time more and enjoy it. But, this is also a downside..... because it means not knowing each other quite as well as two people that have been talking for 10+ months should....See online helps you get to know a lot of things about a person, such as, likes and dislikes, most embarrassing story or what you did after High School, but you don't get to really know someone. Mannerisms and tone of voice, hand gestures and smell, their walk or that sparkle in their eye..... At least that is my thoughts, don't know his.

Back to space in a relationship, I think this is important for both people. VERY IMPORTANT! Couple time is good, great. And, in a family situation, yeah family time is needed too. But, each person needs some downtime. Goofball really only has Sunday nights as his downtime and while I would looooove to take every single one of them. I won't pressure him for that. 1. because we are still just casually dating and 2. because that is his time. If he asks me, I will see him and if he doesn't I hope he has a great time!!!! Not as great as he would with me but I mean every night can't be perfect! (Ha, ha).

Also he was going to a friend's house last night to do some handy work for her. Cool. He is a great guy, did I mention that? So he was teasing (at least I think he was teasing) and said I wouldn't be the center of attention while he worked. Ha, ha. But, ya know, I don't expect to be when we are around his friends. That is his hanging out time with them and when I tag along, I am just happy to be near him. So I just smile and talk when necessary but otherwise, I am just happy that I am not miles away on a computer. (Emails and IM is fun, but in person or phone is sooooo much better!!!).

Then I hope he doesn't think I'm totally lame for getting too tired on him. I really did want to go to the Cheesecake Factory.... but (and here is the part I didn't tell him), I started having cramps so add that to the tired and I just didn't want to be around other people. So we sat in my car and talked for a little while..... I have to be honest that was the second best part of the night. Of course the first best was having great sex! Did I mention how good the sex is? No? I should mention that some time. Goooood. Can't wait for Friday... hope Friday happens. I never expect it until he is actually here. No expectations, bay-bee!

Anyway, I like talking to him. I still have like a million things I want to talk about but it can wait. No rushing, no pressure, no expectations. I just want to enjoy each moment for what it is and not think about anything else. Yeah I'm sounding all dreamy.... I think its because I'm freakin' tired! Got home late but it was totally worth it because I had a good weekend!!

Hope you all have a good week.


BeautifulDisaster said...

unrelated to your post tonight but . . . best papa roach line EVER: "take these memories that are haunting me . . . of a paper man cut into shreds by his own pair of scissors"

trappedintime said...

It's almost like that "just wanna feel it" sex, slow and steady.

TxGambit said...


Yes love that line!


It is like that. gooood!