Monday, May 28, 2007

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Well even though I was a bit cranky and I felt like pure crap! oh and the kiddos were hyper little monkeys all weekend, it still turned out to be pretty darn good.

It rained off and on all weekend. I freakin' love the rain! But this has also lead to a lot of sexual frustration. Yeah, I really like the rain. Of course seeing Goofball twice didn't help that frustration and in fact, it left me quite unable to make any kind of decision. I already have a bit of a problem with being decisive. I tend to be fairly wishy-washy or just so laid back, but add to that a huge, big ole helping of sexual frustration, and yeah I was pretty much one-tracked minded last night. "What do you want to do?" "I don't know...." (Fuck?) Oh well. Did I mention I really like the rain?

But, it was great seeing him last night. We didn't really do much but hang out and we got to talk a lot which was fun. He doesn't know but he did get me quite turned on simply by being so sweet to my kiddos too. There is nothing sexier than a man that is good to kids (well and good to animals.)

Then he called me today and asked me to lunch.... "Umm, let me think about that.... HELL FUCKING YEAH!" Forget that I have to drive about 30-40 mins away and in the pouring ass rain.... I'm so there (no not complaining, I'm just saying I wouldn't say no). It was totally worth it. I really enjoy his company and even a few minutes would be worth the drive! An hour was all we got but it was perfect. I just can't wait until next Sunday.

Other than that, the kids and I have just been hanging out, watching movies and playing. They leave next weekend for most of the summer. I'm going to miss them but I will enjoy the break.

Hope you all had a good weekend too.

Happy Memorial Day to those that fought and died for our country! And, in honor of those that are fighting now, because we should do that everyday that they fight, no matter what the reason, they are doing their job.


trappedintime said...

I took a vet to lunch for memorial day. haha

Ice cream, bury your frustration in ice cream

Princess Banter said...

Haha -- i love what you said about rain and linking it to sex ;) clever girl... and totally spot on!

The Exception said...

It is so nice when they get along with the kids. Better yet, when the kids also get along with them!

g-man said...

Bummer on the frustration, thanks for the kind words. (I served 4 years in the Army)

TxGambit said...

Trapped, yes. Good lunch. I had enough ice cream with you... I just really need the sex now!! Period.

Princess, Thanks for the comment. Hope you come back.

The Exception, Thanks! It is nice. This is only the second time he has been around them. Much shorter time but I think everyone was a tiny bit more relaxed.

G-Man, No prob! I served in the Navy for 8. And, my brother is over in Iraq now.... Army but I can't remember how many years he has done so far. 3? maybe?

trappedintime said...

Okay, I'll make sure and bring a blanket for the parking lot next time.

aimee / greeblemonkey said...

Happy Memorial Day! I spent it in Maryland with the fam.