Thursday, May 31, 2007

Just a vent

Overall, my life rocks. I love my freedom. I love my job. My kids. My friends..... What sucks is money. I still have no good feeling of security here. I screwed up my account recently which cost me big time. It was just a simple error but I don't have enough money to make an error.... No cushion.

Yet I found out that the ex.... who whines and complains about money far more than me just went out and bought a Wii gaming system..... Are you kidding me? I can barely put gas in my car and feed the kids, my bills are always behind, yet you can do that. Please do not whine to me again.

I can say that at least child support is always on time and always paid.

Okay just had to get this out before I explode from the stress.

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The Exception said...

I hear you. Mine whines about money and then bought a condo in Florida. Hello? I so don't want to hear about money issues from him anymore. I work to make ends meet and he... buys a second home.