Friday, May 11, 2007

The story of my youngest, L, just because!

L is my youngest and my most surprising baby! The story is this. I had K quite by surprise, but different surprise.... like some people might call it an accident but I say a surprise. It was something I didn't know that I always wanted! H was another surprise but again, more of the accident kind. I was on the pill. So they are 19 months apart. Not by choice but by some higher plan.

Then after H was born, I started the depo-provera shot. This is a shot that lasts for 3 months. So every 3 months for just over a year, I got them. Then I went on a stronger type of birth control pill than I had been on before. The reason: we were talking about having a third baby so we wanted to get ready for it. With the shot, I didn't have a period and it was very effective!

Well H was a sick baby. Ear infection after ear infection, cold after cold. I swear the child was always at the doctor or the hospital and lived on meds for the first 3 years. Seriously everyone knew us and that is a little strange for military doctors/nurses because the staff changes so much. He had two surgeries, one for his ears(actually had this one twice) and one for his hand. But, by the time he was 3, he was doing much, much better! So we thought, hey, why not try now. So I got off the pills.

Month after month, I hoped and waited. AF would arrive. Damn. Did you know you could convince yourself you are pregnant and even have all the symptoms?

I finally just thought, well that's it. Family of 4. I just didn't think it would ever happen. After nearly 3 years of trying and frustration. I couldn't it anymore. The ex was happy with that because he really only wanted one kid. I wanted four but whatever.

Well September 2001, I went to a new ob/gyn for my annual. This was out of the military and it was a little overdue (usually happens in March... TMI??).

She starts talking about birth control, what were we using?..... I started bawling like a big ole baby. She closed my record and said, "Sounds like there is a story here, want to talk?" (I loved this doctor!!!) After I told her the story, she said, "I think I can help."

She started me on some meds. I was to wait until Oct 10th to take the set. I had to take them for 10 days each month (ovulation). She said in three months we will revisit this and see how you are doing.

Well I explained this all to my now ex, and said, "If you don't want to have a baby, please tell me now or use protection." He did neither. So when Oct 10th rolled around, I started taking them. We had sex one time.

Well the next week, I was sick, sick, sick... I felt like this for a few weeks. So on Nov 4th, I took a test. B.F.P! Holy Fuck I was pregnant! Also saw Monsters, Inc on this day.... so I just knew I would have a girl. My doctor was jumping up and down for me in genuine excitement for me!

When I told the ex that I was pg, he looked at me and said, "I hate you." packed and left. Well great.... I should have let him go. He came back later and we talked. I was hurt and pissed and sick. I always got bad morning (all day) sickness. Anyway, we stayed together.

It was fairly uneventful from there. We backed out of the house we were having built (I should have seen that coming) and bought an older house in Clear Lake. We painted all the kids' rooms and I had a lot of fun!

My mom went to the ultrasound with me.... and guess what, turns out it was a boy!!!! Very clearly a boy.

My older two were 8 and 6 1/2 when he was born. I made them shirts "I'm a big sister, again." and "I'm a little and a big brother." They loved them!

This was the best baby ever. He ate well, slept well, very alert, smart baby boy. He used to actually sleep in his own bed! I could even put him to bed awake and he would just hang out for a few until he fell asleep.

Some where along the way, we all spoiled him freakin' rotten! My mom watched him for most of the first year while I still worked. She spoiled him (in a good way), her dog spoiled him by bringing him toys and taught him about balls (Jack Russell Terrier, she would die for a ball). At age one, I got to start staying home with him! I never got to stay home with the other kids! We then moved to Fargo and it was just he and I most of the time.

The ex and I had problems the whole time and I think we focused all our energy on this kid. Kinda overcompensating for the unlove we had for each other. It sucked.

So anyway, this kid is so spoiled! He gets everything he wants. He sleeps with me. This may have happened despite the problems with his dad and I, he is the baby and he is so much younger than the other kids. So not only do the parents spoil him but the other kids spoil him a bit too!

I realized the other day.... like a big ole reality check. He will be in Kindergarten this coming year. When did that happen?!?!? My baby? No way?

Anyway, this is my angel baby. My especially special one. My last baby. My little boy. Graduating Class of 2020!

Coming soon: The story of K and the Story of H.


trappedintime said...

Wow! Class of 2020.

TxGambit said...

I know. And K is 2012 and H is 2014. I'm not sure if 2020 is scary or the fact that K's is just around the corner!