Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Crazy Bitch

What does this mean? I hear guys say "women are crazy".... But what does that mean? Does that mean different things to different people? Is it someone who is too clingy? Someone who plans your future's together on the first date?? A Stalker, showing up uninvited, unannounced? Someone that breaks in when you aren't home, maybe steals a pair of boxers or photographs herself in your bed!? Expecting men to read your mind, not respecting guy time? Expecting perfection? Nagging, nagging, nagging until you just have ringing in your ears?

Yeah I would say all this means crazy bitch!

But, does it mean someone that calls too much? Too many emails? I mean what is too much and then on one hand, umm yeah, I agree! But, on the other, is it really bad? Doesn't show interest.

Read on....

See women think contact/communication shows interest. Just look at blogs by Single Gals, look at the books and shows geared towards single women. "He's just not that into you." What is the main theme here? Well, if he doesn't call, doesn't email, text, surprise you from time to time, he just isn't interested!

Soooo this translates to women wanting to show interest. Hey, maybe some of them over do it! I say play a little hard to get. So interest but don't over do it! Come on, gals. Space! Guy time. Let them breath a bit.

I have been called crazy. I have been called a bitch. But, I have never been called a crazy bitch. And, usually just called that when in a very heated argument. No bigs. I am not the stalker type. I know limits. I respect guy time. I don't nag (much, hey admit it. we all do!). I can do stuff for myself.

So I have also been told good stuff.... Like I'm fun. I'm cool. I'm funny.... blah, blah, blah! Its all good the blahs are not a bad thing here. The point is to basically find a balance that works or just accept that men are going to think that women are crazy bitches. Period.

Coming soon: Asshole men!


trappedintime said...

Yes, all of the above. You may not admit it, but no calls bug you a little. No matter how much you say it doesn't. "Crazy" is all of the read between the lines kinda stuff. All women are crazy, it's just to what extent. I do admit, all men are assholes at the same time. There, diplomatic enough fer ya.

TxGambit said...

I don't really like what I wrote now that I reread it. I think I need to rewrite it.

At least the last couple paragraphs.

My only point in this was, "What does this mean to different people?"

Should have stopped while I was ahead! :)

And, actually I don't mind being called that.... just depends by who and if I deserve it! I admit I do from time to time.

g-man said...

Crazy bitch.

There, now you can say someone called you that :)

I do what I can. Really though I think you made several good points there, and in a funny way. (two points) I totally agree with you on the balance being important.

I cant wait for asshole men. :)

Esmerelda said...

I often behave like a crazy bitch, but I would not say that I AM a crazy bitch.

And all the time I'm reading your blog, I'm singing to myself, 'your a crazy bitch but you f*&$ so good I'm on top of it...' (you know that song by the group with hte word cherry in the name...

TxGambit said...

Es, that is why I wrote it. I love that song. Ha, ha.


Thanks!!! I take that as a compliment! but, seriously, it is about balancing.

I am working on the asshole men one. I am not going to hit publish though after I finish writing it like I did with this one. I will reread it a few times first!