Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

Another Hallmark Holiday! Don't get me wrong, I love to say thanks to my mom and I do truly think that mom's should have a day to be celebrated but! why does it all have to be overdone! Beautiful Disaster has caught some of my thoughts on it! I mean, GAG! I don't want jewelry. I really truly don't.

All I want for Mother's day is something from my kids. Not really store bought though that is nice. I would rather have a homemade card, maybe breakfast made for me and hey, if they could just pick up after themselves for ONE DAY! Really my biggest wish would just be some peace, harmony and a clean house. I don't want the kids to fight. I don't want to have to serve them or cook or clean for just that one day. That would be enough.

I do get the idea. I truly do. Like Valentine's Day. It is a great idea! But, why commercialize it so.

Honor your mother and all the mom's in your life! They work really hard. (as do many of the dad's but your day is coming).

Happy Mother's DAY!!!!!!

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