Tuesday, May 22, 2007

What is the one sound or phrase...

.... that makes any sound asleep parent wake and ready for anything? The sound of a child vomiting or the words, "I'm going to throw up..." quickly followed by the sound of a child vomiting. Niiiiice. So much for that great dream I was having.

It doesn't help matters either if said child sleeps with you and now you can't get back to sleep.

Looks like I will be calling in to work today. Means I will have to work on Friday so that I can get paid for the holiday on Monday. Oh well. No worries.... except for the 50 million things I have to do at work! The two very important meetings I must attend. The Summer Intern Event I need to get ready for. The fact that our "big" boss is here this week and we were suppose to sit down to talk about my new job as well as a few other things we have going on.

But, honestly, I'm really worried about my sick child and he comes first.

I would normally call in for back-up and not miss work but my back-up is down and out from surgery on her foot/leg. Thankfully she seems to be doing well. I was worried. Ya know, no matter how old you are, you still need your mom (okay maybe just me!). I get a bit worried when she is sick or in this case recovering. She is my mom afterall.

Anyway, back to the patient. Hopefully we can get this under control soon.

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