Monday, March 05, 2007

The Big Green Monster....

.... and no not jealousy.

My 1995 Chevy Suburban who has been a thorn in my side since the ex and I decided to get a divorce and I had to give up my love (Navigator) and had to take this on as my vehicle....

Well since then it has cost me an arm and a leg. Hindsight being what it is, I should have dumped it this past summer but now I'm just in too deep to go back now. We are stuck together like glue for at least 6 more months.... but probably more.

So last night I drove out to see Goofball (Yay!) and on the way home, the Sub died. It had been sounding funny all day so I wasn't surprised. Thankfully it started up again. Then it did it again this morning on the way to drop L off at day care. Off to the shop we go. My mom to the rescue in her newer Suburban. She let's me take it to work.

The call came in later. Now don't ask me what it is..... I just said "How much? How long do you have to keep it this time?" Not terrible but not good either. Around $300 for the part and labor. I told them to go ahead with an oil change, et al because it was waaaaaay overdue and I was secretly thinking I might have killed my car for good.

Well during the test drive, they found that the transmission was not right. It would go straight to 2nd gear. (I knew it!!! I'm not crazy!) Thankfully this was covered service because they had just replaced the transmission for me a few months ago.

So I'm in a rental for a few days (they are paying for it).

Definitely a Monday type of thing to happen and on one of the worst Mondays too. Work is beyond busy and I am dropping balls left and right. April could not get here fast enough for me! :)

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trappedintime said...

Glad it at least got you home. I'd have felt like a turd if you didn't make it.