Saturday, March 10, 2007

Pictures from the Kids' Point of View

Inspired by Mindy over at Mama Drama..... She is the Queen of Pictures! (Or at least to me.) and she was saying that when her son gets the camera, she just never knows what she will find.

So I thought....what the heck, I got tons of those! Sooooo I am posting random things my kids have taken pics of! No people, sorry but lots of other fun stuff.

L took this of the inside of a laundry basket.

K's slippers that look like shoes.

My parents' pool.

Close-up of H's shirt.

A superhero that wanted to keep his idenity private.

Zoe in the dryer.

Inside of a wagon.

A blurry pic of my niece at Halloween. BTW - My mom painted the side of her garage, like it?

And, lastly a sleeping Sebastian.


Esmerelda said...

oh, I have the same pictures...but they're usually of people!! LOVE IT!

I'llpost mine the next time.

At Christmas the boys got the video camera and we got a whole 30 minutes of Ying Yang Yo instead of opening presents!

min said...

I love them!! The laundry basket rocks! Who wouldn't want a picture of that? Most of the time I can't even tell what the kids took pictures of, but I have a lot of guitar shots that I don't know what to do with...and Violet went through this phase of taking pictures of the gutter...

TxGambit said...


That is so funny! Ying Yang Yo.... (Just felt like saying it)


Everyone should have a laundry basket pic! We have more than one.

So does anyone else think that my cat Sebastian looks almost like he is giving the "finger"..... It is just a bit of fur but everytime I look at it, I think that.

Mama Drama Jenny said...

I want a jungle scene pained on my garage!

That's awesome.

g-man said...

Very cute. It is really nice to see another point of view, especially when they are little.