Sunday, March 18, 2007

Kids are BACK!!

Nuff said! They missed me a lot. I missed them a lot!

Now we are heading to my parents for lunch, plus my nephew rode up with me to pick them up so I have to return him.

In other news, my poor baby girl. She does not like her dad with his girlfriend. She says he is weird when he is with her and that this girl is mean to her. Bitch! She better not be. It really could be a teenager perspective but I think there is some truth there. It may be a little inflated for my benefit but ya know whatever. Oh and that the ring he got her is really big. K was describing it! I about lost it.... lol! It sounds like the same style as the one he gave me. That would be sooo funny. He gave it to me years ago when I realized we would sometime in the future get a divorce. I knew I didn't love him anymore. I called it the guilt ring. I gave it back to him. What if he just took "my" ring and had hers made from it.

Oh well kids are hungry. Gotta go!


trappedintime said...

Oh! The ring thing, you're not supposed to do that?


Esmerelda said...

Oh MY!

Lucky for me I never got a decent ring from the loser. Eventually I got a diamond, but it had been his mothers and grandmothers. He had it sized for me for a Christmas gift.

The boys can surely use it some day!

Actually, I'm saving my pennies for a RIGHT HAND RING. The gift you give YOURSELF. LMAO!

aimee / greeblemonkey said...

Glad they are home, but sorry Big Girl didn't like the new girl. Eeks.