Saturday, March 24, 2007


I am feeling a bit sad tonight. Sad for my pets of days past. See the ex was not into animals, yet he kept agreeing to get them.

It started with Molly. She was a mutt. She was just a baby when I got her. She was so cool! One night I was home alone and so she was sleeping on the end of my bed. Well something made a noise near the window. She stood and growled deep in her throat, the fur on her back stood on end and she stayed on alert for a while. I just laid there and watched. She slowly relaxed but stayed on alert a bit longer and then finally looked at me with what looked like a smile and a nod, as if to say, "Coast is clear." She feel back to sleep and so did I. Good girl!!! I had her for only 6 months. He tried to kill her for tearing up stuff that he left out (umm duh!) so I found her a new home. Bye Molly.

Then came Dixie and Rebel. They were mini-dachshunds and gee do you think my ex was from the South? Well Dixie got very, very sick and she died. The breeder gave us, no questions asked, Maggie to replace her. We had them for about 17 months but then it was time to move from Florida to Virginia and we were having trouble finding a place to take pets, plus H was about to be born and it was just too much..... I think the real reason is the ex just was lazy and was done. We found a great couple to take them! They had 10 acres of land and a few other wiener-dogs. Maggie soon had 5 pups, she must have really liked her new home. Bye Maggie and Rebel.

At some point while having M&R, we got a cat. He wasn't around long... A month, maybe? Sydney, I think?

I also had a rabbit during this time too. Lee was a pure white rabbit. Again, ex got fed up.... rabbit gone. He turned out to be a she and had several babies! I knew the lady who took him. Bye Lee.

Then we got to VA, and got Scooby. A mixed pup that was just so adorable! We had him for about 6 months. My job was beyond busy and I was working really long hours. Couldn't give him as much attention as he needed, plus, ummm hello the ex never helped, no really! He hated the dog. Bye Scooby.

Then came Gambit. Gambit was an orange tabby cat that we got at the animal shelter! He came with the name. It was love at first site. For all of us, even the ex. Gambit was great, the perfect pet. We had him for 6 years!!! But the reason he is gone is because we were moving to North Dakota. The ex was not willing to look long for a place we could have him. If there are any of the pets I hate him for getting rid of this is the one or two. I think he hates himself for it also. Gambit was just that special. Bye Gambit.

After having G for about 1 year, we got Huskies. We went to get a solid white one because the ex said that was the only kind of dog he had ever wanted! So we got there. No whites that weren't already spoken for. We got to looking and picked out two. Yes two. Beau was a red/white and Anna was gray/black/white.... the kind that looks a lot like a wolf. They were awesome! I loved these dogs so much. Especially Beau. Do you believe soul mates can extend to animals? I do. We had this weird bond/connection. On Dec 22, 1999, they had two pups. One was solid white (he was special too) and the other looked just like mom, oh and both boys. Alas after 18 months-2 years ish, the time was up. We had to move again and again, the ex had blinders on to finding a place we could have the dogs. We took them "temporarily" to his parents. That temp situation lasted far too long, they were adopted out, and in the meantime we got a new dog. Because it was easier to hide a mini dachshund than an 80 lb and 40 lb Husky. Bye Beau, I miss you forever. Bye Anna. Bye Puppies too!

So as I mentioned, we got Baylee. She was another one that I was connected to. I could talk to her like she was a person and she knew what I meant. I told her to clean her toys. She did it. I told her to get a certain toy, she would pass others in search of the special one. I had her doing all kinds of cool tricks! However, if the ex came around, she would pee.... She was soooo scared of him and he hated her. So anyway, we had her from roughly 2000 until Summer of 2002. This is when I had L. She got really nervous around L. Didn't know how to act. One day she freaked and jumped on him by accident and freaked some more because she hadn't meant to jump on him. So I knew the time had come to get rid of her. My aunt agreed to take her. It was a great match! She fit right in over there and had started to relax again. Sadly she hurt her back and soon had to be put to sleep. Bye Baylee. I miss you.

Baylee was the last dog. I just couldn't do it anymore while married to him. At that point, I knew we would not stay together. I just knew it. Then we got rid of Gambit in 2003 (had him from 1997-2003). That really just sealed the deal for me.

But in 2004, he agreed to get me a new cat! But, not just any cat, a Ragdoll! I really wanted one! So we started talking to a breeder and some how got two of them, not just one. Sebastian and Zoe are nearly 3 (in April). The ex is gone now and I still have my cats. Yes as you could have guessed, he got sick of them. I basically took the attitude, "I pick them, loser."

And, now we (the kids and I) are at the point that we really want a dog. We love animals. We want one so bad. We have the yard for it but the house is small and they aren't great at helping me keep it clean but we are working on that.

So tonight I just wanted to give a spiritual shout out to my pets of the past.

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