Thursday, March 08, 2007

The cursed shipment

Tomorrow we have a College Recruiting Event at our California office. I have been trying to ship the "end of day, thanks for coming" gifts to our office out there. The first box lost. Thanks DHL! You Rock! Second box is now delayed somewhere and I just have this feeling.... a bad feeling that it is going to be lost too.

Don't ya just love days like this!? (hee, heee.... ) I can cry and get mad, or I can laugh.... well I decided to laugh!

Of course that doesn't get the gifts there but I am working on another plan.


Tree said...

Did it make it?

TxGambit said...

Nope, gone gone. The people at DHL were rude to me about it but they have already credited us the money, etc for it.... so I just hung up on them. I'm so over it.

It is just funny that all the stuff I ship and these two shipments get lost.