Saturday, March 24, 2007

Different with different people

Kind of in continuation of my "Let's talk about sex" entry from yesterday..... This is another "Are we different with different people?"

I think so.

During a conversation with Goofball, we were basically saying that we had not seen each others "bad" sides. This is good, I think.

My ex used to say I am evil, he is scared of me, that I was selfish and a total bitch. Niiiice. He has said that for a million years (pretty much sometime during the first year, heck first months of our nearly 13 year marriage). But, I think that is because we actually brought out the worst in each other. That is just the way it was (is). As soon as I get on the phone with him, even now, I can feel that side coming to surface. I hate it!

I think when you are with certain people this is just the case. I mean we are who we are but with certain people, we may feel more at ease or we may feel good or a hundred other things.

I'm a fun person, caring and I'm not typically selfish. I think I'm generally a good person and a good listener and tons and tons of other good stuff. I mean we all have a bad side but it is about who we surround ourselves with and our attitudes that matter.

Someone that brings out the good, good stuff. Someone that brings out the bad, bad stuff.

So while I'm not a bitch exactly, I can surely be one at times.... :)


trappedintime said...

So what does Goofball and Trapped have to do with each other? Is one just sex and the other comfort? Did you notice that in your blogs? HMMMM!

TxGambit said...

Umm, huh?

Maybe they are each sex and comfort! Or maybe.... just maybe....